I know, I know. That would be amazing.

You have so much on your plate that you rarely get enough time to work on your dreams.

And between working full-time, building your business, and taking care of your family, you barely have enough time to take care of yourself.

You’d love to become your own boss, boost your brand’s recognition and attract amazing, high-paying clients on the regular…

But you need some help to figure things out!

Does this sound like you?

  • You’re a new service-based entrepreneur or small business owner who desperately wants to grow your brand

  • You have exciting ideas but don’t know how to bring them to life (and need accountability to execute them in the first place!)

  • Your 9-5 bores and drains you but you want to use your corporate connections to build your business

  • You’re in a downward spiral of depression because you aren’t doing work that inspires and fulfills you

  • You’re frustrated because you can’t get past a mental block or manage your time properly (and your productivity is suffering!)

  • You know who your ideal clients are but don’t know how to reach them or communicate your value

  • You seriously doubt that you have what it takes and are insecure about your lack of experience

  • You know deep in your bones that your brand would flourish...if you only knew what steps to take next!

This can be super overwhelming. Lonely, even.

You’re losing your motivation and are more exhausted than ever.

Here’s the truth: There’s an easier way to build your brand and business. 

All you need is a healthy mindset, accountability, and support with a solid brand marketing strategy.

How do I know? Because I was just like you.

I know what it’s like to:

  • Try a million different methods and still be confused on how to grow my brand

  • Be too exhausted to work on your dreams after coming home from your soul-crushing day job

  • Not know how to clearly communicate what I do or the results/transformation I provide my clients

  • Worry about losing your financial security and benefits or making ends meet

  • Feel stressed out because you’re handling every aspect of your business alone

  • Be terrified of failing and embarrassed that your first plan didn’t work out

  • Be in desperate need of clients so you charge lower prices just to get them through the door

  • Feel like you aren’t as good as you think are or like you don’t deserve success

  • Be discouraged at your lack of support, community, wisdom, or guidance

But just imagine if you could:

  • Create a strategy that lets you grow your brand and expand your business without compromising your mental health

  • Gain clarity about your brand’s vision and confidence in your skills and what you bring to the table

  • Position yourself as a leader in your industry (with an online presence that completes the package!)

  • Learn how to boost your profits and attracting a roster of high-paying, quality clients without being salesy or gimmicky

  • Have one-on-one support to push past anxiety and get back on the path of productivity

  • Leave your 9-5 the right way: with a supportive network, solid plan and money in your pockets

  • Reignite your passion and transform it into a profitable, purposeful business

  • Finally feel empowered to take your business to the next level!

Imagine in 90 short days if you could go from stressed-out, screaming in frustration, and putting your needs on the back-burner…

To a calm, self-assured, dream-achieving, bada** business owner with a work-life balance?!?! 

Would you be more of the “you” that you thought you’d be at this point in your life?

An entrepreneur who is in charge of your own time, your own schedule and your own successful future?

INTRODUCING: The Diamond Life Brand Blueprint

A 3-month coaching course designed to give you the support you need to build a strong brand identity and grow your audience

(WITHOUT dropping dead from the effort)!

With a simple 3-stage process, you’ll be able to train your brain to encourage a healthy mindset, assess your brand’s weaknesses and strengths, learn the language that sends clients running to your doorstep, and more!

What Will You Learn?

Stage 1: Color - All About Transparency

💎 Transform your mindset from doubtful and defeated to DETERMINED DOER

💎 Learn how to overcome the psychology of fear and access the benefits of positive thinking

💎 Build powerful new business habits and train your brain to think like a CEO

💎 Learn key strategies to improve your confidence and wellness from a mental health expert (fun fact: she’s one of my clients!)

Stage 2: Cut - The Profit Is In The Package

💎 Secure your brand’s foundations and get clarity on your vision and target audience (this is all about your brand strategy!)

💎 Get deep into your ideal client’s head and craft an authentic brand message they find irresistible

💎 Discover the gaps in your market, establish a powerful USP (Unique Selling Point), and learn how to position yourself in your industry

💎 Learn several hassle-free methods to get organized, prioritize your tasks, and manage your time better

💎 Design the roadmap for your business and set long and short-term SMART goals

💎 Get over the fear of raising your prices and learn how to create an alluring, premium signature offer that is packed with value and solves your client’s biggest problem

Stage 3: Clarity & Carat - Quality v.s. Quantity

💎 Discover the marketing methods that bring you the most results with the least amount of effort

💎 Craft a marketing message that inspires a YES from your ideal client

💎 Learn how to network and sell yourself without sounding like a walking sales ad

💎 Map out a marketing strategy and choose automation systems that allow you to boost your profits on autopilot

💎 Create a content campaign that increases your brand’s recognition while growing and connecting with your audience!

But wait! There’s more! 

Take a look at some of the features of the course:

💎 Weekly 1:1 accountability calls where I will assess your course progress (and talk you down the ledge, if need be!)

💎 Exclusive access to an experienced mental health expert (with complimentary consultations!)

💎 A Wellness Workbook to encourage and assist you on your entrepreneurial wellness journey

💎 Marketing Design assistance for those who need to create/revamp their logo, business cards, flyers, etc. (Because what is a brand without a visual identity?)

And that’s not all! I also offer an extended version of the course!

If you’d rather sign up for the 6-month version of the program, you’ll get additional:

💎 Sales Copy Templates for your Facebook or Instagram posts, ads and email sequences

💎 Content Creation like blog, newsletter, ultimate guide, or ebook writing! (What better way to show off your knowledge and expertise?)

💎 Photography & Makeup Services (NYC based only!) Need professional head shots or portraits for your website and social media? We got you covered! 


“Kay will definitely bring out the best in you and will make you feel motivated with the ideas she brings to the table! She will dive deep and listen to your concerns and ultimately come to a conclusion on how things should work for you. She is extremely helpful, inspiring, and has an amazing “do it” attitude!” -
— Astrid E.

It doesn’t matter if you’re starting your first business or fourth, like me.

The Diamond Life Brand Blueprint will help transform the way you view your brand, your business, and most importantly, yourself.



Meet Your Brand Coach

My name is Keisha “Kay” Williams, but you can call me Kay! And let me tell you, I was exactly where you are.

Full of passion and ideas but lacking the support or accountability to see them through.

Stuck in a toxic work environment that leaves you feeling purposeless and depressed.

Dreaming of a way to forge your own path without feeling overwhelmed and discouraged all of the time.

And in desperate need of a break and some HELP!

I know what it’s like to feel too stuck, anxious, or depressed to continue. Or to talk yourself out of your own greatness and let your thinking get in the way. But most importantly, I know what it’s like to fail. I know how upsetting and embarrassing taking a loss can be. And I know how effective a solid framework and one-on-one encouragement is. 

I want to be the change that someone was for me.

I came to this profession out of sheer survival and desperation. I absolutely, positively, with every fiber of my being wanted to be an entrepreneur whose service made an impact and a difference. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to silence my doubts and insecurities. 

What if I lost my financial stability? What if I made a fool of myself? What if I actually got clients and couldn’t deliver? It just seemed too risky. So I clung to my full-time job and pushed my passions to the side. I continued to be mistreated, disheartened and stressed OUT! 

And then my worst fears came true. I was fired from my 9-5 and had nothing but my skills and willpower to fall back on.

It was then that I decided to take control of my career and invest in the resources I needed to create the life I wanted.

After several mistakes, dead-ends, and a massive amount of redirection, I’m so grateful that I decided to stick things out. I’m still on this journey, even though I tried to quit and give up many times before.

I’ve been the entrepreneur who was excited about her business and quit too soon. I know what it’s like to feel ashamed about rejoining the workforce when your first idea bombs. I know what it’s like to go through the motions at work, be bored with your daily routine and feel that desperate dull ache of destiny. 

You just know that you’re meant for more than this!

One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is to embrace and accept your missteps. I realized that bringing the truth to the surface, owning it and not letting it hold you hostage was the ultimate way to evolve.

And that's what my clients do. Evolve.


“I like to think of Kay as the fire that was lit under my a** to get started. I had no idea where to even begin! Kay was there to not only guide me through the process but she was super supportive of it all. She made me feel like the ideas that I wanted to bring to life were in fact greater ideas than I thought and she was there to help execute them. You get a lot more than just a brand consultant, you get a kick a** woman who will go above and beyond to help make your brand dreams come true. Forever grateful for Kay!!”
— Danielle O.

But Why Am I Doing This?

I find nothing more fulfilling than watching my clients transform into these beautiful, new versions of themselves, focused and thriving in their business journey. Encouraging and supporting them has brought me the greatest joy my heart could’ve known.

And the best part is that this blueprint works no matter what industry you’re in. Take it from someone who has started from scratch time and time again. When you’re willing to show up, do the work, and stay committed to making your dreams happen, you transform into a real professional, confident that you can get results.

But the main reason I’m offering this service is because of my vision.  I envision a world that is made better by healthy and wealthy entrepreneurs. I envision creative solutions that reshape how we impact our community and the world around us. It’s my personal mission to provide the structure and steps you need to keep your sanity.

You are BRILLIANT. You are NEEDED. And I am rooting so hard for you!

I am not a perfect person, but I'll be perfectly honest. Success is possible for anyone who commits to doing the work. I’ve failed enough times to know that this is where I am meant to be. 

And if you've found your way here, the same is true for you.

This coaching course can be your ticket to becoming your own boss and living a more purposeful, passionate life.

Want to learn more?

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I already have a brand and need some more direction?

That’s perfectly fine. This course is designed to help you secure your brand’s foundations and make sure they’re solid. If you’ve been having trouble communicate who you are or what your brand does, you’ll greatly benefit from this course.

What if I’m unsure and want to wait until I figure things out? 

Sometimes the best way to figure things out is by talking to someone with an expert perspective. That’s why I’m offering these free discovery calls. What better way to review your progress and see if you’re on track?

What if I’ve tried other methods and coaches but haven’t seen any results?

Honestly, I’m a bit of an information junkie, so I know how you feel. But one of the reasons I wasn’t seeing results was due to my lack of clarity (for both my brand and target audience). So I hired a coach who spoke to my specific struggle. That’s when my messaging shifted and I started to see the results I desired. So don’t be afraid! I speak from experience!

What’s the process?

Go to my booking page, pick a time, and fill out the pre-session questionnaire. Once you’ve booked your slot you’ll receive a confirmation email with your meeting details. On this call, we’ll identify the mental barriers keeping you from greatness and see if working together is a good fit. 

I live internationally. Can we still work together?

Yes! Please note that booking times are in the GMT/EST time zone and plan accordingly for our session.

This offer is right for you if:

💎 You are a new service-based entrepreneur or small business owner who wants to provide your clients with an amazing, one-of-a-kind experience

💎 You want to transform your mindset from depressed and defeated to confident and assured

💎 Your skills or services solve a life or business problem

💎 You value support, guidance, wisdom, and accountability

💎 You want to manage your time better and make your life easier

💎 You dream of leaving your job one day and are willing to do something about it

💎 You’re ready to invest in yourself, give your maximum effort, and FINALLY REAP THE RESULTS!

There are two ways you can grow your brand:

Do it alone and make a ton of rookie mistakes.


With a mentor and step-by-step process that sets up the framework for your success!

Your life and career are entirely up to you. 

But the next step is easy:

Schedule a call with me to talk through some of your desires and where you feel you could be in the next three months. 

I promise this is the moment you’ve been waiting for!