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Arian walker

Arian Walker is a photographer, model and support engineer residing in NYC. His strengths include creating captivating visuals and being a full-time Super Dad to his little ones. You can keep up with him and all of his adventures on instagram at @Walker_Studio.


rICHARD J. Nieves

Born in the Bronx. Raised in Harlem. Richard J. Nieves is a street and portrait photographer. He collects and shares moments of pure joy which drive his creativity and affection for the 5 boroughs. He's a real New Yorker trying to find and add inspiration to our world, one photo at a time. View his visual portfolio at



Author, Speaker, & Choreographer

Author, Speaker, & Choreographer

Whitney Mcnulty, worship with whit

Whitney McNulty is an author, empowerment speaker, and choreographer on a mission to help you kickstart your dreams, activate your power, and LIVE boldly in your purpose NOW.

Her book of poetry, Awakenings, is more than a literary work — it is a call to action. By sharing her story, she hopes to promote self-acceptance and an abundant life.

Whitney is currently a dual youth ministry leader, holds a M.A. in General/Experimental Psychology, is the founder of the #WorshipWithWhit Liturgical Dance Class in NYC, and Creative Director/Editor in Chief for MindfullyMOTIV8. You can read her blog, book a session, and purchase her book of poetry, Awakenings, on her website.

Podcast Series

Podcast Series

Chasity Monique, I gOT THE JUICE PODCAST

A weekly LIT commentary on today's "for the culture"generation. Join me and my guests as we offer our unpopular opinions and somewhat helpful advice. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us on twitter and instagram!

Singer-Songwriter, Event Planner, & Host

Singer-Songwriter, Event Planner, & Host

Samantha Alexandra, The MIMI concert series

Samantha Alexandra is a singer-songwriter, host, and event planner proudly hailing from the Bronx, NY. Since age 6 she has been musically inclined, singing and songwriting with big dreams to share her gifts with the world.

In recent years, Sami has graced many venues like S.O.B.’s, Madison Square Garden and Tommy Bahamas. As an event planner and host, the self-proclaimed “people lover” has curated events such as The MIMI Concert Series and The Start It Up: Bone Marow Drive and Benefit Concert based in NYC.

Sami is locked and loaded with soulful, yet sweet sounds for the willing ear. Follow her music and shenanigans on her twitter and instagram pages.