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The Surprising Mistake New Brands Make (And 4 Easy Steps To Avoid It!)


“I attract a crowd, not because I’m an extrovert or I’m over the top or I’m oozing with charisma. It’s because I care.” - Gary Vee

Imagine that you’re having a party and invited all of your friends and family to a seafood extravaganza.

You’re excited to create new memories and can’t wait to treat them to something special!

You’ve personally prepared the fish, set the table, and even created “Thank You” gift bags. You glance eagerly at the clock, expecting your 200 guests to burst through the door at any instant.

Now fast forward to a few hours later when you realize that most of your guests aren’t going to show up.

As a matter of fact, only 10 people bothered to come at all.

All of your preparation, plans, and good intentions were for nothing. Naturally, you’re disappointed. You wasted time, resources, and never got to provide an extraordinary experience.

And you’re left wondering why. Is it that they’re just selfish, ungrateful people who don’t appreciate your hard work and effort? Possibly.

But that’s the wrong question.

Instead, ask yourself how many of your guests actually like seafood? What if they are allergic and can’t eat shellfish? Did you bother to gather that information before planning your party?

Or did you just rush in because you thought it was a great idea?

This analogy is an example of what it looks like when a brand creates content without thinking of its audience. It's natural to be amped about your new product or service. You even went the extra mile and created some bonus offers your clients would really love. And the best part is that all of your blog, Instagram, and Facebook posts show why you have the best thing since sliced bread.

But what happens when the content isn’t clicking with your audience?

Algorithms aside, have you ever wondered why your web traffic hasn’t increased?

Or better yet, why you have a low amount of likes, shares, or comments?


I can shed some insight. It’s possible that you made one of the common mistakes that brands when they launch: forgetting the importance of your mission statement.

Surprising isn’t it? You probably haven’t thought about a mission statement since beginning your brand. What you didn’t know is how critical it is when developing your content creation strategy.

The quote from serial entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk reveals that the secret to audience engagement is to “care”. Care about your audience and what they care about. Care about providing the solution for their issues.

That’s why you started your brand in the first place, right?

Well, a mission statement is your road map to success. It’s what keeps you on track during the cultural trends and shifts bound to occur throughout the years.

Where do you want your brand to be in the next 10 years? Without a clear direction, you won’t be able to get wherever it is you’re going. Success doesn't happen by walking around aimlessly. It happens by working towards a clear goal.

With a goal in mind, creating great content, services, or products for your audience is much simpler.

Stop stressing and wondering why your posts don't get any likes or comments. Keep reading to find out:

💎 What a mission statement is and why it's important

💎 How and why this affects your audience

💎 4 easy steps you can take TODAY to avoid this mistake, attract loyal customers, and grow your brand

What is A Mission Statement?


Before I get into what a mission statement is, I have to introduce a company’s vision statement first. Your brand’s mission statement always plays off of its vision.

HubSpot says “A vision statement describes where the company aspires to be upon achieving its mission. This statement reveals the ‘where’ of a business -- but not just where the company seeks to be. Rather, a vision statement describes where the company wants a community, or the world, to be as a result of the company's service”.

The article then goes on to state that “A mission statement is, in some ways, an action-oriented vision statement, declaring the purpose an organization serves to its audience. That often includes a general description of the organization, its function, and its objectives. Ultimately, a mission statement is intended to clarify the "what," the "who," and the "why" of a company. It's the roadmap for the company's vision statement”.

So what does a brand’s vision and mission statement look like? Here’s an example of how Microsoft’s vision and mission statement work together.

Vision Statement: (at its founding) A computer on every desk and in every home.

Mission Statement: Our mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.

Microsoft was formed in 1975, almost 10 years before the internet was even invented. Talk about being visionaries! In this current era, we can confirm that there is a computer on every desk, if not in every home.

Do you see how Microsoft’s mission compliments its vision? By encouraging others to “achieve more”, the company has contributed to its overall vision of “a computer on every desk and in every home”.

Still, what’s most important is the execution of your brand’s mission. After visualizing your ideal world or community, you must express how your brand does its duty to make it real.

Here are some more mission statement examples to give you a better idea:



Mission: To inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

Action & Execution: Sweetgreen supports small and mid-sized growers who are farming sustainably, establishing themselves as the link between growers and consumers.

Warby Parker


Mission: To offer designer eyewear at a revolutionary price, while leading the way for socially conscious businesses.

Action & Execution: By designing their glasses in-house, they’re able to provide high-quality eyewear at a fraction of the price. They have also partnered with non-profit organizations for their “Buy A Pair, Give A Pair” program.



Mission: Spread ideas.

Action & Execution: One way they spread ideas is by hosting their Ted Talk conferences. Another way they take action is with their “Audacious Program”, which helps entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders receive funding for their ideas.

How do you envision your brand impacting the world? What mission can you create to manifest your vision?

How and Why Your Mission Statement Affects Your Audience


But why do consumers care about your mission in the first place?

Firstly, your buyers care where they put their time, attention, and money. Have you ever seen a particular product or offer and said: "it spoke to me"? A successful brand appeals to its audience and knows how to encourage passion and action.

That’s how you get your audience to speak to others about YOU!

Secondly, your audience wants to connect to a cause they believe in.

Content marketing agency, Sprk’d, had this to say about the importance of your mission statement:

Next, imagine what would happen if every prospect for your company could, at a glance, figure out whether your company’s services meet their needs — and whether your company’s values are aligned with their own...That’s what your company’s mission statement should aspire to be. It’s a valuable tool for establishing internal culture, inspiring purpose-driven work, and attracting qualified leads who share your beliefs.

Want to know how to create great content for potential clients or customers? Create your mission statement with them in mind and watch them support and root for your cause.


Is your content aligned with your brand’s mission? Based on your mission statement, what kind of content can your audience expect?

4 Easy Steps To Grow Your Brand and Attract Customers


If you’ve fallen victim to ignoring your mission statement, don’t panic! There are four easy steps you can take today to get back on the right track.

1. Research or survey what problems your audience is facing.


At the risk of sounding like an insensitive jerk, I have to let you in on a terrible secret:

It’s not about you.

When it comes to content marketing and developing a brand strategy, your brand should be all about your consumer.

You can have a billion dollar business idea and never make a dime if your customer doesn’t need what you’re selling.


Learn from supply and demand. Find out what your audience struggles with and make life easier for them. (Don’t be afraid to ask them directly through surveys or on social media!)

2. Craft your vision and mission statement.


Now that you know what issues your audience is dealing with, how does your brand fit in with the solution?

As a result of your solution, what will the world look like in 10 years?

What steps can you take today to make that world possible?

Your mission statement tells the world who you are and what you’re passionate about. Above all, it expresses your commitment to the movement you’ve created.


Write statements that show how will you commit to serving your audience, now and in the future.

3. Create content marketing campaigns to fulfill your mission.


While a mission statement helps with your brand strategy, a content marketing campaign helps with creating structure and a schedule.

Whenever I have a product or service in mind, I make it a point to create content that will support and promote my campaign’s purpose.

Content comes in many forms. For your brand you can create:

💎 Visuals

From mini-documentaries to professional photo shoots, visuals are an effective way to stimulate your audience. The next time your brand comes out with an awesome new offer, try creating a short intro video about its benefits and features.

💎 Blog

Blogging is a great way to increase web traffic and online visibility. It’s a successful long-term content marketing strategy that establishes you as an expert, among other benefits. (Don’t have any time to write or research? Hire a freelance writer and relax while your brand and business grow!)

💎 Events

Events are an excellent form of creating community and connecting with your audience up close and personal. Not only is it an impressive form of marketing, but it also helps to break down the barriers between you and your consumer. It’s a great way to show how much you care.


4. Set yourself up for success by keeping your vision and mission statement visible.


I’m willing to bet my dinner that you’ve heard the words “Vision Board” at least once in your life.

Well, it works. Really well too.

We all need personal reminders from time to time. How often do you set your alarm clock to wake up in the morning? If your smartphone didn’t prompt you, would you remember to go to the gym? No matter the task, your intention is to recall something important.

It’s no different when it comes to your brand.

By keeping your vision and mission statement visible, it is a constant reminder to be on brand. What’s better than a visual guideline to keep you on course?

Set reminders in likely to find places through the use of a vision board, post its, or even your phone or laptop screen background. Your dreams may manifest more quickly than you think.


To Sum It All Up

If it seems like your clients or customers are no longer interested in your services, it could be that your content isn’t aligning with your brand’s mission.

People respond to movements that align with issues they care about, so make sure that you’re creating content that pulls at their heartstrings.

Sometimes, the simplest solution is keeping your eyes on the prize! Don’t forget why you do what you do. Review or create your mission statement and start the revolution your audience has been waiting for!

What vision and mission do you see for your brand? Let me know in the comments below!

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