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Need Help With Your Mission Statement? These Popular Brands Can Help Inspire You!


“To inspire humanity - both in the air and on the ground.” - Jet Blue

There are some mission statements that get your heart pumping with excitement, transforming you into an ally, eager to conquer the challenge.

There are others, like Jet Blue’s, that makes you feel like you’ve contributed to something special every time you choose their service.

Some mission statements can intrigue you and hold your thoughts captive. You can’t get the message out of your head. Suddenly, you see your neighbors and community in a whole new light.

You want to be a part of something bigger than yourself. Something that makes the world a better place.

Then there are the mission statements that leave you underwhelmed and uninterested. You have no clue what the brand’s purpose or function is supposed to be. Overall, it's forgettable. Plus, the audience doesn't know what to rally behind.

Which one will yours be?

A mission statement is one of the key foundations of your brand. It’s the driving force behind everything you create and every plan you execute. It’s the summary of your core values and goals as a brand, business, or individual.

(If you haven’t already, check out my post on why a mission statement is vital to your content marketing strategy.)

But why is a mission statement so important? Content marketing leader, Hubspot, says,

The reason we stay loyal to brands is because of their values.

The best brands strive to combine physical, emotional, and logical elements into one exceptional customer (and employee) experience that you value as much as they do.

Nowhere are those values more visible than in the company's mission statement.

When you successfully create a connection with your customers and employees, many of them might stay loyal to you for life.

This helps you increase your overall profitability while building a solid foundation of brand promoters.

Connection. Customer loyalty. Profit.

It’s a brand strategy you just can’t beat!

Do you want to give your brand’s mission a makeover? Or are you still trying to figure out your company’s goal and purpose?

Wherever you are in the process, these 11 mission statement examples can give you an idea on how to motivate customers to your cause!

1. Prezi


Brand Function: Presentation Software Company

Mission: We strive to help people share their ideas in more compelling and memorable ways. We do this by building technology that humanizes communication, turns presentations into conversations, and puts users at the center of their messages.

What Customers Are Saying: With Prezi, there’s no lapse between what I’m saying and what I’m presenting. Words and visuals just melt together. You can’t create that kind of connection with slides.

2.  Nike


Brand Function: Sportswear Company

Mission: To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world.

What Customers Are Saying: Nike from Day 1 has really been a brand that has stood up to and stood for things that were important to them and important to their athletes.

3. IKEA  


Brand Function: Furniture Retailer

Mission: At IKEA our vision is to create a better everyday life for the many people. Our business idea supports this vision by offering a wide range of well-designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them.

What Customers Are Saying: Great desk! especially for the money. I am at my home office desk 9 hours a day. No complaints on this product would recommend this for sure.

4. Etsy


Brand Function: E-commerce Website

Mission: Keep commerce human.

What Customers Are Saying: It's reliable, great value for the money, and incredibly easy to use.


Brand Function: Digital music, podcast, and video streaming service

Mission: To unlock the potential of human creativity—by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by it.

What Customers Are Saying: Spotify wears a fresh, clean design and goes beyond streaming music with videos, podcasts and extra features. Its massive collection of community-driven playlists mean you can find great music for any mood, activity or holiday.


Brand Function: Footwear & Apparel Company (Boat Shoes)

Mission: To ignite the human spirit through the power of sea-based discovery and adventure.

What Customers Are Saying: I've been wearing Sperry Topsiders since the late 1970's, and have always found them to be comfortable and long lasting. They’re water-friendly and getting them wet will only add to their character—even if your day on the water goes overboard.


Brand Function: Clothing Company

Mission: Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis.

What Customers Are Saying: If I could only choose one shirt to wear for every day of the rest of my life, it would be this shirt. It is top 10 most comfortable things I’ve ever worn. If you’re thinking about getting one, get three instead and make your life dramatically better.

8. Betterment  


Brand Function: Online Investment Company

Mission: We have one mission: To empower you to make the most of your money, so you can live better.

What Customers Are Saying: Betterment was the original robo-advisor and, in my opinion, offers the best service and the best features. It finds the right balance between giving you control and making decisions for you.

9. Google


Brand Function: Search Engine Company

Mission: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

What Customers Are Saying: Google's main search engine is spectacular. It not only can find relevant web pages, but you can also use it to translate web pages to and from other languages. You can also view the image Google has cached in their search engine database, if available. This makes finding the important part of a web page easy.

10. Starbucks  


Brand Function: Coffee Company

Mission: To inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time.

What Customers Are Saying: The customer service at this location is truly the best out of all the Starbucks I've been to in this city. They're so patient and understanding and have a great personality. The employees seem to get along which brings a positive vibe to the store. Also, their music playlist is ALWAYS poppin.

11. Facebook  


Brand Function: Social Networking Service

Mission: Founded in 2004, Facebook's mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what's going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.

What Customers Are Saying: For me, Facebook was the catalyst in my transformation from a single, 40-something near-recluse to someone with a swinging social and dating life, a closer bond with my extended family whom I barely knew, closure with some people in my past, several job and career opportunities, and a renewed sense of being connected with the world and the people in my universe.

Your Turn!

Notice the relationship between each brand’s mission and how their audience responded. These brands aligned their goals and values with their products and services, and it paid off big time. Staying true to their mission helped them become household names.

That could be you!

So what’s your mission? How does your brand plan to impact the community and the world? Let me know in the comments below!

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